Jennifer Jeffley was 15 years old when she was arrested in Houston, Texas for murder. She has been behind bars for more than 20 years for a crime she did not commit.  

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Jennifer Jeffley was 15 years old when she was arrested in Houston, Texas for the murder of Maria Palomina. Jennifer, a minor child, was charged with capital murder, convicted in adult court and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after 40 years. She has always maintained her innocence but will not be eligible for parole until she has served 40 years in prison, by this time she will be 55 years old. She has been behind bars for more than 20 years for a crime she did not commit. We are pleading with the Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott, to grant Jennifer clemency and reunite her with her family.





I would like to first thank each of you for the outpouring of love and support. As I sit here and I'm overwhelmed with emotions, I cannot begin to put into words or express my deeply profound gratitude. When I first started this journey at 15 years old, it was very discouraging, I was afraid, I felt alone and powerless. Now here I stand decades later, 38 years old, I finally have a voice, but more importantly, I am finally being heard. The thought that my voice is not falling on deaf ears lifts me from my bed and gives me the strength and courage to fight another day. I no longer feel alone, every day each of you helps to fortify my hope and belief that this too shall pass and from it, I will stand to fight for others.

Thank you.

And remember to always love your family with the reality that time is the greatest gift.



On October 30, 1996, the trajectory of Jennifer Jeffley’s life forever changed. She has spent over 20 years in prison; countless birthdays, holidays, and major milestones have been met with the harsh reality that comes with life behind bars.

In spite of this set of unfortunate circumstances, Jennifer has managed to obtain her GED, which at the time, made her the youngest to do so, completing her course work by the age of 16. She went on to receive two associate degrees in Business Management and General Studies from Central Texas College. She is the Co-Founder of Sisters Taking a New Direction (S.T.A.N.D), a program aimed at identifying dysfunctional behaviors in girls and women that lead to dysfunctional relationships, as well as a member of the “The Hobby 9”, a Women’s Advisory Team for the Southwestern Theological Seminary. Jennifer is slated to become one of the first recipients of a scholarship offered by the seminary that will enable her to receive a Bachelor’s in the Science of Christianity. Jennifer is also certified in graphic design and has completed a host of on the job training courses including becoming the youngest and first female braille typist housed at a Texas Department of Criminal Justice unit. 


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